edphis-my walk in beauty

la belleza se encuentra en el camino

To my cellmates

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The pain made me see her, and the guilt, its bitterness; The certainty of dying, its peace, and the peace with oneself, the mere enjoyment of it.The Beauty of Living.
Shut in our ignorance, we stick to each other, hoping to stick out, one trampling on the other. Others come to kill while others let themselves go. Many struggle for a while.

Some throw themselves into the game of accumulating goods and power. Good for them.

When comes the time to die, will come the difficult task to designate whom deserve what is left. The pain was so big that they invented the paradise off earth, a more fearful hell here and in heaven. If there is no paradise there is no hope that is worth.
.As encaged rats we fight to eat and find a place and above all a mate to share with. Stay with you pain and live with it until it vanishes. The most pure and beautiful lesson is go through the pain of understanding and the knowledge to overcome it, definitively. Then say it to all of the others. Thanks for understanding me.

I am not your bro or sis neither your homie…  just your cellmate.



Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2017



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